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Insurance Policy

Zero Car is made with your experience in mind. Through our own personal experience, we have learned that additional costs for damages can truly change the experience. We have eliminated that. All our prices ensure that your rental comes with Zero Excess in case of any damages. So you can drive off into your Icelandic adventure knowing that we got you covered! We are just like you! When renting a car the toughest part is to decide what insurance to take. With Zero car we have solved that problem. Our prices include zero excess insurance, so you do not have to spend time deciding what insurance to take. The price you see online is the price you pay. Included are all of the standard insurances such as Theft protection (TP), Gravel Protection (GP), Collision / Super Collision damage Waiver (CDW/SCDW), SAAP (Sand and Ash Protection) and most importantly Zero Excess Insurance ensuring a carefree vacation.

Keep in mind that there are some damages that are not covered

Damages caused by negligence or driving while intoxicated. Damages from standing or sitting on the car. Damages caused by off-roading. Damages caused to the clutch or other mechanical damages resulting from the renters negligence or misuse of the car. Damages caused to the interior of the car.


The Following charges are not covered by any insurances

Charges or other cost for required assistance because of a breakdown or damage that is the driver´s responsibility. Charges when pumping the wrong fuel on the car Charges for losing accessories, such as the car key or a GPS unit. Service charges and handling fee related to the renters use of the car, such as fines for speeding, parking fee and tunnel fee. General charges for towing, resulting from the renters misuse or mistake such as getting stuck in snow, sand, water or river. Note: By purchasing Roadside Assistance Waiver any cost for the above-mentioned assistance is reduced to zero apart from service charges or handling fees related to speeding, parking violation or parking,- tunnel,- or other entrance fees. Liability Waiver (SAAP and Tire Protection included)