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Discover Iceland with a Rental Car: 5 Must Visit Places

Discover Iceland with a rental car and witness where nature's forces create a stunning distinct landscapes, featuring everything from glaciers and geysers to hot springs. From the dancing Northern Lights to the vast glaciers and erupting geysers, Iceland offers an unparalleled adventure for every traveler. Here are 5 must-visit places that will make your Icelandic road trip truly remarkable.Why Rent a Car in Iceland? To truly experience the wonders of Iceland, renting a car is a must. It's not just about convenience; it's about accessing the heart of Iceland's beauty, found along its rugged coastlines, within its national parks, and along the scenic routes that crisscross the country. With a car, you have the freedom to discover Iceland's hidden gems at your own pace, far from the crowded tourist spots. Why Zero Car Rental?At Zero Car Rental, we understand the essence of the Icelandic adventure. That's why we offer a fleet of vehicles tailored to navigate this majestic landscape, whether you're crossing snow-laden roads or chasing the midnight sun. From eco-friendly options to rugged 4x4s, our cars are equipped for every type of explorer. Coupled with our competitive rates and exceptional customer service, we ensure your journey is seamless, from the moment you arrive until you hand in your keys, full of stories to tell.The northern lights over Kirkjufell mountain and Kirkjufell waterfall on Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Driving Tips for IcelandDriving in Iceland is an adventure in itself. We equip you with the latest driving tips, from understanding Iceland's weather patterns to respecting wildlife crossings. Our guide ensures you're prepared for everything from the Golden Circle to the remote fjords.Safe driving and staying informed about the current road and weather conditions are not just recommendations; they are essential for ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey.By taking the time to check conditions and adopting safe driving practices, you ensure that your exploration of Iceland's stunning landscapes is both memorable and secure.Remember, the beauty of Iceland is best enjoyed at a pace that allows for both adventure and safety.Must-Visit Places in Iceland by Car:The Golden Circle: A classic route that takes you to Þingvellir National Park, the Geysir Geothermal Area, and Gullfoss Waterfall.The South Coast: Home to Reynisfjara black sand beaches, stunning waterfalls like Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss, and the mesmerizing Vatnajökull National Park and Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon.The Snæfellsnes Peninsula: Often described as "Iceland in miniature," it offers everything from lava fields to the iconic Kirkjufell mountain and Kirkjufell waterfall.The East Fjords: Less traveled than other parts of Iceland, the East Fjords boast spectacular scenery, including the amazing Stuðlagil canyon, quaint fishing villages, and opportunities for wildlife watching.The Westfjords: Remote and rugged, the Westfjords region offers dramatic landscapes, from towering cliffs to serene fjords, ideal for those looking to escape the tourist trail.Skógafoss waterfall in winter uniform. Customer FeedbackRenting with Zero Car Rental has been positively reviewed by customers, highlighting the convenience and the opportunity to explore Iceland's hidden gems."Renting with Zero Car Rental made our Iceland trip unforgettable. The car was perfect for our family, and the staff's recommendations helped us discover places we never would have found on our own." - Sarah & Family ConclusionFor those looking to explore Iceland, Zero Car Rental offers a range of vehicles to suit different traveling needs. Iceland's landscapes are waiting for you, and Zero Car Rental is here to ensure you experience them fully. With our reliable vehicles, fast service, and full coverage insurance, aiming to make the rental experience straightforward and enjoyable.   If you liked to learn more about traveling in Iceland we have great articles about Driving in Iceland and other highly Practical info in our blog. BOOK NOW 

Car Rental Iceland: Cultural Journey on the Road

In this blog, we'll embark on a cultural journey, uncovering the essence of Icelandic culture, one mile at a time.Iceland, a land of fire and ice, where nature's extremes craft landscapes of breathtaking beauty, is also perfect for travelers seeking more than just scenic landscapes. It's in the heartbeat of Icelandic culture – a rhythm best experienced on a road trip across this mystical land. Harpa Music Hall is a cultural symbol in downtown Reykjavik.Chapter 1: Setting the Scene – Reykjavik’s Cultural Tapestry Our journey begins in Reykjavik, the vibrant capital city, where the culture is as colorful as the houses that line its streets. Before hitting the open road, immerse yourself in the city's artistic scene. Visit the Harpa Concert Hall, an architectural marvel, and enjoy an evening of Icelandic music. From folk tunes that tell tales of elves and trolls to the contemporary beats of artists like Björk or Sigur Rós, music is a gateway to the Icelandic soul. Chapter 2: On the Road – Unearthing History and Folklore As we drive away from the city, the landscape transforms, and so does the cultural tapestry. Stop at small towns and chat with the locals – they're the keepers of Iceland’s history and folklore. In places like Akureyri or Eyrarbakki, every nook has a story, often entwined with tales of Vikings, sagas, and mythical creatures that seem to spring from the very earth. Chapter 3: A Feast for the Senses – Culinary Explorations Icelandic cuisine is an adventure in itself. On your road trip, don't miss the chance to taste hákarl (fermented shark) – it’s not just food; it’s a rite of passage. In coastal towns like Höfn, indulge in fresh seafood, while inland, seek out a traditional Icelandic lamb stew. Each meal is a reflection of the rugged, yet nurturing Icelandic environment.Chapter 4: Celebrating Creativity – Art and Handicrafts In small villages like Hella and Vik, you'll find handicrafts that tell the story of a resilient culture. From intricate woolen sweaters to delicate handicrafts, these items are imbued with the spirit of their makers. Take a piece home, and you carry a part of Iceland with you. Chapter 5: Festivals – Where Culture Comes Alive Plan your trip around traditional festivals like the Viking Festival in Hafnarfjörður, the Siglufjörður Folk Music Festival, or the vibrant Reykjavik Culture Night. These events are where the heart of Iceland beats the loudest, with music, dance, and storytelling that connect the past with the present.Reykjavik Culture Night, held annually in August, transforms the city into a lively canvas of creativity. It's a celebration where streets buzz with local music, art installations, and performances. This night is a special highlight, showcasing a blend of traditional and modern Icelandic culture. Locals and tourists alike gather to enjoy free concerts, art exhibitions, and outdoor activities, culminating in a spectacular fireworks display. It’s a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the city’s dynamic cultural scene and experience the warmth and hospitality of its people.Chapter 6: The Road Less Traveled – Offbeat Cultural Encounters Seek out the less-traveled roads. Visit a remote farm to learn about the Icelandic horse, or take a detour to a geothermal pool where locals gather, sharing stories and soaking in the warmth of both the water and their community.Iceland’s geothermal pools, like the famous Blue Lagoon or the lesser-known Secret Lagoon in Fludir, are not just tourist attractions; they are a part of the Icelandic way of life. These natural hot springs, rich in minerals, offer a serene escape and a chance to experience Iceland’s geothermal wonders first-hand.In addition to these natural wonders, Iceland boasts numerous public swimming pools, heated with geothermal energy. These pools are community hubs, perfect for experiencing day-to-day Icelandic culture. Places like Laugardalslaug in Reykjavik, with its outdoor pools, hot tubs, and steam baths, offer a unique insight into the local lifestyle. Visiting these pools allows you to engage with Icelanders in a relaxed setting, often leading to meaningful exchanges and a deeper understanding of the local culture and customs. Conclusion: The Journey’s End, but the Story Continues As our journey concludes, it's clear that Icelandic culture isn’t just found in museums or galleries; it's etched in the landscape, woven into the fabric of everyday life, and most importantly, it lives in the hearts of its people. A road trip through Iceland is more than a travel experience; it's a journey through a living, breathing cultural tapestry. Thank you for joining me on this cultural road trip through Iceland. Zero Car Rental is your perfect partner when exploring Iceland. Offering seamless pick up and drop off along with full coverage insurance, include within the car rental price. So, if you want to have a carefree car rental experience in Iceland, go with Zero Car Rental. Please feel free to visit our blogs on Iceland Culture and Practical info.  BOOK NOW  

Iceland Car Rental: Pros and Cons of Winter Driving

Hey there, fellow adventurers! Today, I'm diving into the topic of Iceland car rental, focusing on the pros and cons of winter driving. Having navigated these roads myself, I'm here to share the real deal – the good, the bad, and the icy!Pros of Renting a Car in Iceland During Winter1. Freedom to Explore at Your Own PaceThere's something magical about driving through Iceland's winter scenes. With your own car, you can chase the Northern Lights at midnight, linger at the frosty waterfalls, and find those off-the-beaten-path hot springs. It's your journey, your rules! 2. Cozy Comfort in the ColdIceland's winter can be brutally cold. Having a car means you have a warm haven to retreat to. Trust me, after a chilly excursion to see Gullfoss waterfall, being able to crank up the heat in your car is a blessing! 3. Flexibility for Weather ChangesWeather in Iceland can be as unpredictable as a coin toss. One minute it's clear; the next, a snowstorm hits. With a car, you can adjust your plans on the fly, seeking clearer skies or a cozy café to wait out the storm. 4. Lower Rental Car RatesThe price for renting a car in Iceland is lower in winter, compared to summer rentals. Because of the cheaper winter rate, you can get a great deal on your rental car in Iceland. I recommend booking well in advance to get the best price for your Iceland car rental. 5. More Exclusive Experience Although it might take longer getting around and you need to bring extra warm clothes, winter traveling in Iceland also offers more exclusive experience. With fewer tourist around, popular sites such as Reynisfjara black sand beach or Kirkjufell waterfall are much less crowed. Cons of Renting a Car in Iceland During Winter1. Challenging Driving ConditionsIcelandic roads in winter are not for the faint-hearted. Black ice, snowstorms, and limited daylight can make driving tough. If you're not experienced with winter driving, it can be stressful (and even risky). 2. The Cost FactorRenting a car, especially one equipped for winter conditions, can be pricey. In addition to the rental you'll need to budget for gas (which isn't cheap in Iceland), and insurances. Due, to winter conditions I strongly recommend being fully covered for your winter driving in Iceland.   3. Parking and Navigation WorriesIn popular areas, finding parking can be a hassle, and in winter, some roads might be closed. Plus, GPS isn’t always reliable in remote areas, so you might need to kick it old-school with a map. Tips for Winter Driving in IcelandIf you decide to rent a car, here are a few quick tips: Choose the Right Vehicle: Opt for a 4x4 with studded tires.Stay Informed: Check the weather and road conditions daily.Drive Slowly: Better safe than sorry, especially on icy roads.Pack Emergency Supplies: Think blankets, food, water, and a charged phone.Always keep warm: Dress appropriately for winter and have warm clothes in the rental car.Final ThoughtsRenting a car in Iceland during winter can turn your trip into an epic adventure, offering freedom and comfort. But it also comes with challenges like tricky driving conditions and additional costs. Weigh your options, consider your comfort with winter driving, and whatever you choose, Iceland's winter beauty won't disappoint!Luckily Zero Car Rental has got you covered for everything you need for an amazing winter drive in Iceland. Offering you the full Iceland car rental package at any time of the year. In additions to being the fastest car rental service in Iceland, full coverage insurance and studded winter tires are included in all our winter rentals. If you like to know more about traveling in Iceland feel free to check out our blogs. Including interesting articles on Driving in Iceland as well as other Practical Info.  BOOK NOW 

Family Road Trip in Iceland: Top Spots with a Rental Car

Discover the enchanting landscapes of Iceland, a dream destination for families seeking adventure and natural beauty. With a reliable car rental, your journey through this land of fire and ice promises unforgettable experiences and the greatest convenience. Especially when traveling with kids.Iceland is a perfect destination for a family vacation.Why Rent a Car in Iceland with Kids?Iceland's vast, breathtaking landscapes are best explored at your own pace. A rental car offers the flexibility to customize your itinerary, make spontaneous stops, and ensure comfort for the whole family.When renting a car in Iceland there is no rushing to catch tour buses or compromising on your destinations. With a car seat for the little ones and ample space for snacks and essentials, your family's comfort is in your hands.Top Family-Friendly Destinations in IcelandThe Golden Circle: This popular route is a must-do. Visit the stunning Gullfoss waterfall, the geothermal area of Geysir, and the historic Thingvellir National Park. Each stop offers short, easy walks, perfect for little legs.Reykjavik: Iceland's charming capital is brimming with kid-friendly attractions. Don't miss the interactive Perlan Museum and the Reykjavik Zoo and Family Park.Blue Lagoon: While it may seem cliché, the warm, mineral-rich waters of the Blue Lagoon are a delight for all ages. Plus, there's a special children's area.Vik's Black Sand Beach: The dramatic landscape of Reynisfjara, near Vik, is captivating. Its unique black sand and basalt columns are like stepping into a storybook.Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss Waterfalls: Easily accessible by car, these waterfalls offer a magical experience. Walk behind Seljalandsfoss for a unique perspective! Without a doubt among the best waterfalls in Iceland. Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon: Witness icebergs up close on a boat tour in this stunning lagoon at Vatnajokull national park. A surreal experience for both kids and adults.Behind Seljalandsfoss waterfall.More Family Activities in IcelandPublic swimming pools: There is a public swimming pool in every town in Iceland. Ideal stops for the family to relax and have fun at the same time. There is no need to book ahead and there is usually no charge for children under 16.  Horseback riding: Going horseback riding is a great outdoor activity for the family. Found all over Iceland and available throughout the year. The small Icelandic horses are perfect for both kids and inexperienced riders.Fishing: From April to October, fishing in rivers and lakes around Iceland is a popular family activity. You can easily find permits online and at local farms, along with information about the area. Catching trout, arctic char, or wild Atlantic salmon.Skiing: In winter skiing is a popular outdoor family fun in Iceland. You can find skiing areas all over the country. The biggest and the most popular ones being Bláfjöll, in the outskirts of Reykjavik and Hlíðarfjall in Akureyri.Whale Watching Tours: If you have the chance, go whale watching in Iceland. Seeing the gentle giants of the sea is a true family adventure.Tips for a Smooth JourneyPlan your route with plenty of stops to let the kids run around and explore.Keep snacks and entertainment on hand in the car.Check road conditions and weather forecasts regularly.Rent a 4x4 vehicle for more flexibility in exploring Iceland's diverse terrains.Horseback riding at Kirkjufell mountain at Snæfellsnes Peninsula.ConclusionVisiting Iceland with kids is great, whether you’re just doing day trips from Reykjavik or a full Iceland road trip. Traveling through Iceland with a rental car provides a comfortable and flexible way to explore this spectacular country with your family. From amazing natural wonders to interactive cultural experiences, Iceland itineraries appeal to both young and old. Start your family's Icelandic adventure today!For a better understanding of Iceland, explore our blog and discover insights on Driving in Iceland and other Practical info. BOOK NOW  

Iceland on a Budget: 10 Travel Tips to Save Money

Looking to travel in Iceland on a budget? While Iceland inspires travelers from all over the world with its unique scenery it is also known for being quite expensive. This should however not keep you from visiting the Land of Ice and Fire. There are ways to enjoy Iceland without breaking the bank.So, if you´re looking for ways to keep travel costs down on your trip to Iceland we got the answers. Here are 10 travel tips to save money in Iceland:1.       Travel Off-Peak:First things first, timing is everything! By visiting in the shoulder seasons (think late spring or early fall), you can snag better deals on flights, accommodations and on rental cars in Iceland. At this time of the year you also avoid the tourist crowds often found during high season. Plus, the weather is still pleasant, and you might catch the Northern Lights!2.       Booking Smart:Planning ahead pays off when visiting Iceland. Book your flights, accommodations, and car rentals well in advance to lock in lower rates. You can also get great deals by searching for coupon codes and other discounts. These offers are often linked to special days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, to name a few.3.       Stay Like a Local:Skip the pricey hotels and opt for guesthouses or hostels. They offer a more authentic Icelandic experience and are significantly lighter on the wallet. Websites like Airbnb are great places to start your search.4.       Drive Smart:Having a rental car in Iceland is by far the best travel option. To save money, you can rent a small car. You do not need a 4x4 in Iceland unless you are traveling in the Highland or to remote areas during winter. A compact car is easier on gas (and your budget), considering the high fuel costs in Iceland. Plus, it's all you need to navigate the country's well-maintained roads, including the Ring Road.5.       Dine-In:Icelandic cuisine is fantastic, but dining out can quickly add up. Choose accommodations with kitchen facilities and cook your own meals. Bonus: you get to experiment with local ingredients from nearby markets!6.       Savvy Sipping:Drinks are expensive in Iceland, but there is a way to keep the cost of alcohol down. Same as eating in, it is much cheaper to buy drinks at stores than in bars and restaurants. Just remember that alcohol is not sold in supermarkets. It is only available in special liquor stores called “Vínbúðin.” Prices there might also be more expensive than you are used to. So, if you want to lower the cost, we recommend stocking up at the duty-free store at Keflavík Airport. Alcohol is much cheaper there than in the rest of the country.7.       Natural Wonders Galore:The best part about Iceland? Many of its most stunning attractions are free! Here you can bask in the beauty of waterfalls, volcanic landscapes, and geysers without spending a dime. Note that some attractions might have parking fees. Such as the Golden Circle and Reynisfjara black sand beach.8.       Self-Guided Adventures:Avoid expensive tours by planning a self-drive itinerary. As mentioned, the best way to travel in Iceland is driving your own rental car. This way, you can explore at your own pace and focus on what interests you most.9.       Shop Smart:For souvenirs, look beyond the tourist shops. Local markets often have more unique (and affordable) finds.10.   Hydrate for Free:There is no need to buy bottled water. Iceland's tap water is pure and safe to drink. Bring a refillable water bottle and refill it as you explore.Our ConclusionWith a bit of planning and these savvy tips, your Icelandic adventure can be both memorable and affordable. So, pack your bags, embrace the spirit of adventure, and get ready to explore the enchanting landscapes of Iceland without spending a fortune.In our blog you can find more travel tips under Practical Info and Driving in Iceland.  BOOK NOW  

Iceland's Spectacular Volcanic Eruption: Safe Viewing and Travel Advice

Iceland's got a new volcano erupting just north of Grindavik on the Reykjanes Peninsula. It's a big deal, bigger than the recent ones we've seen around here. But here's the good part: there's absolutely no need to stress about it if you're planning a trip to Iceland.Impact on Air TravelFirst off, air travel is totally unaffected. The eruption hasn't messed with any flights, and it's super unlikely it will. The experts say the way this volcano's behaving, it's not a problem for planes. So, your flight to and from Iceland should be fine.Road Conditions and Car TravelNow, about driving around in a rental car in Iceland – mostly, it's business as usual. The roads are open, except for the ones right by where the volcano's erupting, like the road from Keflavik Airport to Grindavik and the Blue Lagoon. But the main road between Reykjavik and Keflavik Airport is all clear. Same goes for pretty much all other roads, except those close to the eruption near Grindavík and the south part of the peninsula around Fagradalsfjall.Comparing to Previous EruptionsThis eruption's a bit of a showstopper, way larger than what we've seen at Fagradalsfjall, Meradalir, or Litli Hrútur. Right now, though, it's not a tourist hotspot. The authorities, including the police and rescue teams, have closed off the area. You can't get up close, but hey, this thing's so big, you can see it from miles away, even from a plane!Current Access to the Eruption SiteIt's not safe or possible to visit the site just yet. But give it some time. Once the eruption calms down, it'll probably be like the past eruptions here.  An incredible natural spectacle you can safely check out. For now, we wait and watch from afar.Conclusion and Travel AdviceSo, in a nutshell: Iceland's got a massive volcano show going on, but it's not messing with your travel plans or safety. It's too big and dicey to visit right now, but fingers crossed, it'll mellow out soon. Then, it'll be another amazing experience to add to your Iceland adventure! Learn more about Natural Wonders and Practical Info by visiting Our blog.BOOK NOWHERE YOU CAN SEE LIVE FEE FROM THE EURPTION:

Explore Iceland with 4x4 Car Rental at Keflavik Airport

Welcome to Iceland, a land of fire and ice, where nature's extremes create a landscape begging to be explored. For adventurers and nature enthusiasts, navigating this enchanting country requires a vehicle that's as rugged as the terrain. That's where Zero Car Rental at Keflavik Airport comes into play, offering you the perfect companion for your Icelandic journey, a trusty 4x4 car rental. Why Rent a 4x4 in Iceland?Iceland's unique features, with its volcanic landscapes, glaciers, and rugged trails, calls for a vehicle that can handle a variety of terrains. A 4x4 from Zero Car Rental ensures that whether you're cruising along the Ring Road or venturing off the beaten path, you're equipped for the journey. Versatility and Safety: The unpredictable weather and road conditions in Iceland make a 4x4 an ideal choice. With superior traction and stability, these vehicles offer a safer and more comfortable driving experience, especially on gravel roads or when driving in winter. Access to Highland Roads: Many of Iceland’s most breathtaking landscapes are located in the Highlands, accessible only by F-roads which are only suitable for 4x4 vehicles. Renting a 4x4 opens up these remote and less-traveled paths, allowing you to witness the untouched beauty of Iceland. Year-Round Adventure: Iceland’s beauty isn’t seasonal, and neither is the capability of a 4x4. Whether you’re visiting during the snowy winter months or the mild summer, a 4x4 ensures you can explore with confidence. Convenience at Keflavik AirportArriving at Keflavik Airport, you're just steps away from beginning your Icelandic adventure. Zero Car Rental’s location at the airport offers seamless convenience. Pick up your 4x4 right after you land and start your journey without delay.Enjoy a streamlined rental experience with Zero Car Rental's online check-in process. This efficient system ensures zero waiting time at the airport, allowing you to hit the road faster. Your journey begins with convenience and ease, setting the tone for a relaxed and stress-free trip. Key Box Pick-Up: The Ultimate in ConvenienceExperience the ultimate convenience with our key box pick-up system. This service allows you to collect your 4x4 keys from a secure location at any time, giving you the flexibility to start your journey on your own schedule. This hassle-free pick-up process is designed to complement your travel plans, offering you freedom and ease from the moment you arrive. Full Coverage Insurance with Zero LiabilityTravel with peace of mind knowing you’re covered. Our full coverage insurance plan offers zero liability for customers, ensuring that you’re protected against unforeseen circumstances. This comprehensive coverage allows you to focus on the adventure ahead, secure in the knowledge that you’re fully protected. Eco-Friendly OptionsZero Car Rental understands that every traveler is different. That's why they offer a range of 4x4 vehicles to suit various needs and preferences. Whether you're a solo traveler or a family, there’s a 4x4 waiting for you.Aligning with Iceland’s commitment to sustainability, Zero Car Rental also offers eco-friendly 4x4 options. These vehicles such as our EV rental cars reduce your carbon footprint while still providing the power and reliability needed to explore Iceland. Final Thoughts: Book Your 4x4 TodayRenting a 4x4 from Zero Car Rental at Keflavik Airport is more than just a practical choice, it’s your ticket to an unforgettable Icelandic driving adventure. With safety, convenience, and the freedom to explore, you’re all set to discover the wonders of Iceland.Ready to embark on your Icelandic journey with the ideal travel companion? You can start by visiting our blog where you can read more about Driving in Iceland as well as other Practical info for traveling in Iceland. BOOK NOW  

Christmas in Iceland: Meet The 13 Yule Lads

The Yule Lads are a group of 13 mischievous characters from Icelandic folklore, each with their own unique personality and habits. They are said to visit children across Iceland in the 13 days leading up to Christmas. Each night, starting from 12th of December, Icelandic children place their shoes by the window, and a different Yule Lad visits. Leaving gifts for well-behaved children and potatoes for those who have misbehaved.Iceland's Yule LadsBefore we go any further, let's get to know these strange Christmas fellows. Here are the names of the 13 Yule Lads and a bit about their personalities:Sheep-Cote Clod (is.Stekkjastaur): He attempts to nurse on yews within the sheep shelters of the farmer.Gully Gawk (is.Giljagaur): He conceals himself in ditches, biding his time to infiltrate the barn and pilfer milk.Stubby (is.Stúfur): He is unusually small and pilfers cooking pans to devour the remaining crust.Spoon-Licker (is.Þvörusleikir): He takes Þvörur, a kind of long-handled wooden spoon, to lick. His emaciated appearance is a result of severe lack of proper nutrition.Pot-Scraper (is.Pottaskefill): He takes uneaten food from dishes.Bowl-Licker (is.Askasleikir): He conceals himself beneath beds, patiently anticipating the moment when someone sets aside their "askur" (a particular type of bowl), which he subsequently pilfers.Door-Slammer (is.Hurðaskellir): He has a penchant for forcefully shutting doors, particularly at night, disturbing people's sleep.Skyr-Gobbler (is.Skyrgámur): He has a strong fondness for skyr, a classic Icelandic yogurt.Sausage-Swiper (is. Bjúgnakrækir): This mischievous character conceals himself in the ceiling beams and swiftly grabs smoked sausages.Window-Peeper (is. Gluggagægir): With an intent to pilfer, this individual peers through windows in search of valuable items. Doorway-Sniffer (is. Gáttaþefur): Sporting an unusually large nose and a keen sense of smell, this creature skillfully tracks down leaf bread.Meat-Hook (is. Ketkrókur): Employing a hook, this cunning figure steals meat with precision and agilityCandle-Snathcer (is.Kertasníkir): He tracks down kids to snatch their candles, which were once crafted from tallow and therefore edible.Is Santa Claus in Iceland?No, not in the traditional sense. The Yule Lads play the role of Santa Claus in Iceland. In fact they have the same name in Icelandic; “Jólasveinn,” meaning Christmas guy. So, instead of having just one Christmas guy, called Santa Claus, Iceland has 13 called the Yule Lads. Christmas Trolls in IcelandUnlike Santa Claus, the Yule Lads do not live on the North Pole. They live in the mountains of Iceland along with their troll mother called “Grýla” and the Christmas Cat, also known as the Yule Cat. Both monstrous creatures who are said to eat poorly dressed and naughty children around Christmas in Iceland. O yeah, the Yule Lads are not totally human. They are half troll, half human and the origin story is much darker than that of jolly old Saint Nick. Living in a troll's cave all year long this group of pranksters have been harassing people for centuries. However, over the years the Yule Lads have redeemed themself. Becoming more like their foreign colleague, Santa Claus. With the Yule Lads entertaining kids, wearing red shiny clothes with their big white beards.Iceland's Unique Christmas TraditionsThe Yule Lads reflect an old tradition and are an integral part of the Icelandic Christmas celebration, adding a unique and playful aspect to the nation's holiday customs.Iceland's Yule Lads are far from being the only interesting Christmas tradition in Iceland. The festive season is full of unique celebrations which we highly recommend being a part of. This is the best time of the year for visiting Iceland.What better way to celebrate the holidays than in a winter wonderland full of joy and multiple Santa Clauses, delicious smoked lamb and the northern lights.If you want to learn more about how Iceland celebrates Christmas we recommend checking out our blogs about Icelandic Culture. There you can also find highly useful travel tip in Iceland. Start your Iceland Road trip by booking your trusty rental car with the fastest car rental service in Iceland, Zero Car Rental. BOOK NOW

Top 5 Hot Springs in Iceland with Zero Car Rental

Welcome to Iceland, a land where the earth whispers steam and water gushes warmth from its hot springs. Renting a car in Iceland is not just a convenience, it's a passport to freedom in a country that treasures its natural wonders with care and pride. When you're driving in Iceland, every turn brings a new vista, a fresh perspective on the raw beauty that defines this rugged land. Exploring the Geothermal Marvels of IcelandYour journey begins the moment you pick up your keys from the car rental in Iceland. The roads here are more than just asphalt; they're ribbons tying together some of the most spectacular natural wonders in the world. As you venture out, the map in your hand marks the spots where the earth's heat turns to healing waters – the famed hot springs of Iceland. Reykjadalur Valley – The Steamy HikeOnly a short drive from Reykjavik, the capital city, lies Reykjadalur Valley. The drive itself is a marvel, with mountain roads that meander through landscapes so raw and untamed, they seem otherworldly. Parking your rental, you'll embark on a hike that's as rewarding as it is invigorating. At its end, a warm river awaits, inviting you to bathe in its soothing currents. Visiting Reykjadalur Valley is a perfect first stop on the way to Iceland's south coast. Where you find the beautiful black sand beaches, and some of Iceland´s most amazing waterfalls. Like Seljalandsfoss waterfall and Skogafoss waterfall. The Secret Lagoon – Flúðir's Hidden GemIn the small village of Flúðir, driving in Iceland takes on a new meaning as you turn onto gravel paths leading to the Secret Lagoon. This hot spring's charm is in its unspoiled character, offering a tranquil space to relax after a day of exploration.Also called the Old Swimming pool, as it used to be the local swimming pool for this oasis in southern Iceland.  The Blue Lagoon – Iceland's Iconic Geothermal SpaNo guide to Iceland's natural wonders would be complete without mentioning the Blue Lagoon. Though it's the most famous hot spring, the drive there is full of sights that remind you why a car rental in Iceland is essential to discovering the country's best-kept secrets.Located just between Keflavik International Airport and Reykjavik City, it is a perfect drive tour in Iceland. Going to the Blue Lagoon is a must see when you visit Iceland.  Mývatn Nature Baths – The North's Answer to the Blue LagoonDriving in Iceland's north, you'll find Mývatn Nature Baths, a geothermal treasure that offers a less crowded but equally mesmerizing experience. The drive here is an adventure in itself, revealing the stark beauty of Iceland's volcanic heartland.Nature Baths are one of Iceland's most amazing geothermal pools and a great add on for journeys to the incredible North Iceland.  Seljavallalaug Pool – Swim in HistoryTucked away in a quiet valley, greeted by Seljalandsfoss waterfall, this historic pool is a testament to Iceland's love affair with hot springs. Renting a car gives you the chance to drive to this secluded spot, where the warm waters are as rich in history as they are in minerals.Seljavallalaug is Iceland's oldest surviving swimming pool. Carved into the mighty mountain of southern Iceland this breathtaking scenery will leave you in awe as it takes you on a trip back in time. More Hot Springs in Iceland.This is just our list of Iceland's top 5 hot springs. There are plenty more pools in Iceland you can visit and we highly recommend seeing them as well. Here are a few more hot springs in Iceland you can add to your travel itinerary.Sky LagoonForest LagoonKrauma LandmannalaugarGeysir Hot springsPractical Tips for Driving in IcelandWhile driving in Iceland, remember that the weather can change rapidly. Always check the forecast before heading out and be prepared for all conditions. The roads to natural wonders can be tricky, but with a reliable car rental in Iceland, you can navigate them with confidence. Keep in mind the environmental ethos of the land; stay on marked paths and leave no trace. Concluding the JourneyAs the steam from the hot springs fades in your rearview mirror, you'll carry with you memories of landscapes that tell the story of earth's fiery heart. A car rental in Iceland doesn't just offer convenience, it opens up a world of wonders, waiting to be discovered, one drive at a time.Check out our Blog to learn more about Natural Wonders in Iceland.BOOK NOW 

Top 5 Icelandic Candies to Try on Your Road Trip

Exploring the land of fire and ice is a dream for many adventurers, and there's no better way to traverse this otherworldly landscape than by car. Driving in Iceland allows you to experience the raw, untouched beauty at your own pace. Whether you're cruising along the Ring Road with your Iceland car rental or venturing off the beaten path, the journey can be as sweet as the destination, especially when you have a stash of Icelandic candy to accompany the breathtaking views.The Sweet Side of Driving in IcelandVisiting Iceland isn't just about the epic landscapes; it's also a chance to indulge in the country's unique and delightful confections. Here are the top 5 Icelandic candies that will make your road trip even more memorable:1. ÞristurA trip to Iceland wouldn't be complete without tasting Þristur, a beloved chocolate bar filled with a tantalizing trio of chocolate, licorice, and fudge. The richness of the chocolate perfectly complements the sweet and slightly salty licorice, offering a taste of Iceland's culinary creativity.2. Omnom ChocolateHandcrafted in Reykjavik, Omnom is a bean-to-bar chocolate that's become a cult favorite among locals and tourists alike. With flavors ranging from sea salted almonds to Icelandic milk, this artisanal treat is a must-have for any chocolate enthusiast driving through Iceland.3. DjúpurWhile driving in Iceland, you might crave something light yet indulgent. That's where Djúpur comes in—a delightful candy with a soft center coated in chocolate and a thin sugar shell. It's the perfect snack to keep your energy up as you navigate the stunning Icelandic terrain.4. HraunInspired by the Icelandic lava fields, Hraun (meaning 'lava' in Icelandic) is a crispy wafer bar covered in milk chocolate and resembling the rough volcanic landscape. It's a crunchy, sweet bite that echoes the rugged nature you'll witness while driving your rental car through Iceland's vast expanses.5. Lakkris + Sea SaltFor the daring palates, the combination of licorice and sea salt is a traditional Icelandic favorite. This bold blend is both earthy and oceanic, embodying the essence of Iceland's natural elements. It's a snack that daringly reflects the adventurous spirit of every traveler visiting Iceland.Honorable mentions Skyr ChocolatesAs you continue your journey through Iceland, make sure to try the unique Skyr chocolates. Skyr, a traditional Icelandic dairy product, is known for its creamy texture and tangy flavor. In these chocolates, the velvety Skyr is blended with rich chocolate, creating a heavenly combination that will satisfy any sweet tooth.The Skyr chocolates come in various flavors, from classic milk chocolate to adventurous combinations like raspberry and white chocolate. Each bite is a burst of indulgence, with the smoothness of the Skyr perfectly complementing the sweetness of the chocolate. It's a delightful treat that will leave you craving for more. Arctic Berry DelightsIf you're a fan of fruity flavors, don't miss out on the Arctic Berry Delights. These chocolates are made with handpicked berries from the pristine Icelandic wilderness, giving them a unique and refreshing taste. From juicy blueberries to tart lingonberries, each chocolate is filled with the essence of the Arctic.The Arctic Berry Delights are carefully crafted, with the berries gently blended into a smooth ganache and encased in a thin layer of decadent dark chocolate. The combination of the tangy berries and the rich chocolate creates a harmonious balance of flavors that will transport your taste buds to the untouched landscapes of Iceland.Midnight Sun TrufflesAs the name suggests, the Midnight Sun Truffles are a true representation of the magical Icelandic summer nights. These truffles are made with a velvety ganache infused with the flavors of the midnight sun, capturing the essence of the never-ending daylight.The Midnight Sun Truffles come in a variety of flavors, from creamy caramel to aromatic coffee. Each truffle is handcrafted with precision, ensuring a smooth and luxurious texture that melts in your mouth. With every bite, you'll experience a burst of flavors that will transport you to the enchanting Icelandic summer.Conclusion:Indulging in the diverse range of Icelandic chocolates is an essential part of any road trip through this breathtaking country. From the delicate Djúpur candies to the rugged Hraun bars, each chocolate reflects the unique landscapes and flavors of Iceland. So, as you embark on your adventure, make sure to treat yourself to these artisanal delights and savor the taste of Iceland's natural wonders.As you navigate the open roads with your Iceland car rental, these sweet treats are more than just candy; they're a part of the Icelandic experience. So, next time you're planning a road trip in this majestic country, remember to add a taste adventure to your itinerary. Visiting Iceland is as much about the sights you see as it is about the flavors you discover along the way. Please check out our blogs about Icelandic Culture to find more articles about the food in Iceland, and other related content such as Icelandic Christmas food and The month of Thorri, with its fermented shark and Brennivín Icelandic snaps, the ultimate Icelandic Cultural Experience. BOOK NOW  

Iceland Car Rental Best Price: Coupon Offers

When you're looking for Iceland car rental, snagging a good deal is pretty much the main thing you want to focus on. Most of the time, the rental prices are pretty much the same all around, so scoring some good discount codes or coupons can really help you save some cash.We all like a discount on our rental car price.Many start their search by simply typing in “Iceland Car Rental discount code” or “coupon code Iceland car rental.” This will most likely send you on a wild goose chase and you´ll end up spending too much time trying out old and expired coupon codes.So how do you find the best offers for a car rental in Iceland? The best way to get discount from Iceland car rentals is to monitor their webpages and social media at certain times over the year. It´s not where can I find the best offers for Iceland car rental or discount for a rental car in Iceland but rather when should you look for them. Iceland Car Rental Discount SeasonsNow we can´t speak for all car rentals in Iceland but many of them, like Zero Car Rental, have seasonal offers. Meaning the discount offers are often linked to some occasion. Including major events like Christmas or summer discount, but it can also be smaller and even local. Like the Midwinter festival Þorri or the Icelandic soccer team making it to the FIFA world Cup. There are two things we recommend for increasing your chances catching these offers and getting a better deal for your Iceland car rental. First, follow Zero Car Rental on social media and see posts about events and discount. Secondly, visit our website around big holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, Christmas, and more. By doing either or both, you will find offers for a discount on your rental car in Iceland. Am I´m getting a good deal?The quick answer's a big yes. If you book early, you're likely to pay less than if you wait until the last minute. Because there are more cars to choose from, so they're cheaper. But if you wait until its peak summertime, when cars are in high demand, you'll probably have to pay more.Now, about discounts. They could either knock off a percentage of the total price or throw in a freebie like an extra driver, GPS, or Wi-Fi. And here's a cool thing: the pricier your rental, the bigger the discount you might get. Even if those coupons have a set expiration date, they're super flexible about when you can use them. So, if you use one for a booking way ahead of time, you're locking in the best price, which is pretty smart because it's almost a given that prices will go up later.What should I be aware of? When discovering a discount make sure to read and understand the offer. This will help you not only to take a full advantage and get the best deal for your car rental in Iceland but can also save you time later in the booking process. The coupon may for example only apply for the car rental price, not the total rental price. Insurance and extras might not be included. On the other hand, the discount code might also apply for more than just one feature on the booking. For example, offering free extras along with a discount on the rental car price. The discount might also have some limits, like only applying for pre-paid bookings or bookings made for a certain time of the year.What if a new discount appears after I made my booking?We recommend making a booking as soon as possible. If you are looking to make a booking for a car rental in Iceland and have a valid discount code, it is always better to use it and finish the booking for the best price. However, if you have already made a booking and another offer comes along before your rental starts, you should always see if you can update your booking. Just contact Zero Car Rental and we will see if we can get you an even better deal than before. However, the discount offered will only apply for prices at the time and to the original time so there is no guarantee it will lower the price, but it never hurts to ask. In conclusionYou can make a great deal on your Iceland car rental with coupon code discount offers. To make the most out of our offers, target days that are likely to offer discount. Such as Singles day, Cyber Monday, valentine's day, Christmas, and other Icelandic holidays like Women´s day.  Start planning, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and visit Zero Car Rental website frequently and get the best deal for your Iceland car rental!You can find more tips and practical info about traveling to Iceland in our Blogs.BOOK NOW

Top 5 hidden gems waterfalls in Iceland

Explore hidden gems in Iceland by venturing off the Ring Road and discovering some of the lesser-known but equally magnificent waterfalls. These breathtaking falls may not be as famous as some of Iceland's other waterfalls, but they are certainly worth exploring. Join us on a journey of wonder as we unveil the secrets of these sparkling cascades and reveal the stories hidden in their tumultuous waters. Let Iceland's captivating waterfalls lead the way and inspire your adventurous spirit. Get ready to uncover some of Iceland's most enchanting and awe-inspiring natural wonders.Glymur waterfallFound in the west of Iceland, Glymur is the highest waterfall in the country. At 198m (649ft) the water drops in the most beautiful way down into a deep canyon below. It is truly one of the most magical sites in Iceland. It requires a hike through a scenic canyon, adding to the sense of adventure and exclusivity.Glymur waterfall is close to the town of Akranes, home to Akranes Lighthouse and Guðlaug natural baths. It is also close to Hvammsvik hot springs.Hraunfossar waterfallAslo, situated in West Iceland, Hraunfossar is a series of small waterfalls that flow out of the Hallmundarhraun lava field. The water cascades through the porous lava, creating a unique and picturesque sight.Hraunfossar waterfall is the easiest waterfall to see on our list. It is accessible on all our rental cars and requires no hiking.While driving on paved roads from Reykjavik, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of West Iceland, such as Pyramid Mountain. Other interesting sites in the area are Langjökull Glacier and Cave Víðgelmir.Haifoss waterfallVenture off the beaten path to discover hidden treasures like Haifoss, a towering cascade nestled amidst remote highlands, where solitude and raw beauty converge. Located in the southern highlands of Iceland, Haifoss is one of the tallest waterfalls in the country with a 122m (400ft) drop. It is surrounded by stunning basalt cliffs and offers breathtaking panoramic views.Haifoss waterfall is on Road 332, a gravel road in the highland. It is only reachable on a 4X4/AWD and the road is closed during winter.Not far from Haifoss waterfall is Hekla volcano, Iceland's most famous and active volcano.Bruarfoss waterfallLose yourself in the ethereal blue hues of Bruarfoss, its secluded location granting you a tranquil moment of serenity.Located near the Golden Circle route, Bruarfoss is known for its mesmerizing blue color. This hidden gem requires a bit of a walk, but the reward is a tranquil and photogenic waterfall.From Brúarfoss is just a short drive to Geysir hot springs and Gullfoss waterfall.Aldeyjarfoss waterfallSituated in north Iceland, Aldeyjarfoss is a magnificent waterfall framed by basalt columns. Its remote location adds to the sense of discovery when visiting.Aldeyjarfoss waterfall is on the Highland Road, F-26 called Sprengisandsleið. Getting there is only possible on 4x4/AWD and during summer, when the F-roads in Iceland´s highland are open.  Unique Iceland ExperienceThese hidden gem waterfalls offer a great opportunity for hiking in Iceland as well as a quieter and more intimate experience, away from the crowds, allowing you to appreciate Iceland's natural beauty in a more serene setting. So, grab your camera, put on your hiking boots, and embark on a journey that will immerse you in the raw power and breathtaking beauty of Iceland's cascades.If you like to know more about waterfalls in Iceland, please check out our blog. There you will find interesting articles on natural wonders and other practical information. Such as tips on driving in Iceland and guidance for outdoor activities.BOOK NOW   

The top 5 best waterfalls in Iceland

Iceland, a land of fire and ice, is a true haven for waterfall enthusiasts. With its rugged landscapes, dramatic cliffs, and pristine glacial rivers, it is home to some of the most breathtaking waterfalls in the world.Join us on a journey of discovery as we venture into the heart of Iceland's enchanting waterfalls. As we explore these natural wonders, we'll provide practical tips, insider advice, and captivating tales to help you make the most of your Icelandic waterfall adventure. Whether you're an intrepid hiker, an avid photographer, or a seeker of natural marvels, Iceland's waterfalls promise an unforgettable experience that will ignite your senses and leave an indelible mark on your soul.Gullfoss WaterfallGullfoss Waterfall is located in the southwest part of Iceland. Gullfoss is one of the country's most iconic and powerful waterfalls. It is known for its two-tiered drop, with water cascading down into a deep gorge. Gullfoss waterfall is part of the famous Golden Circle along with Geysir hot springs and Thingvellir National Park. Gullfoss waterfall is about 117 km (72 mi) from Reykjavik and accessible on all our rental cars throughout the year.Seljalandsfoss WaterfallSeljalandsfoss Waterfall is situated along the southern coast of Iceland. Seljalandsfoss is famous for its unique feature that allows visitors to walk behind the waterfall. It offers a stunning view and is particularly picturesque during the golden hours of sunrise or sunset.Seljalandsfoss waterfall is 121 km (75 mi) from Reykjavik, Iceland's capital. It is a simple drive on Road 1 and easy to find as it is clearly visible from the road and approachable on our rental cars all year round.Another amazing site within the area is Seljalandslaug. Seljalandslaug is one of Iceland's oldest swimming pools, carved straight into a mountainside. This incredible site can only be reached by foot, so there is a bit of hiking required getting there.Skógafoss WaterfallSkógafoss is another prominent waterfall in the south coast area in Iceland. Skógafoss is known for its impressive height and the immense amount of water it carries. It creates a beautiful misty atmosphere and is a popular spot for photography.Skógafoss waterfall is also visible from the Ring Road and can be reached on all our rental cars at any time of the year.  From Reykjavik to Skógafoss is 156 km (96 mi), or about 2 hours drive.Behind Skógafoss is the mighty Eyjafjallajökull volcano. Iceland's most famous volcano, which is still very much active and last erupted in 2009. Just a little further southeast is Reynisfjara, black sand beach.Dettifoss WaterfallDettifoss waterfall is located in the northeast part of Iceland. Dettifoss is known as Europe's most powerful waterfall. It boasts a magnificent display of raw power as water thunders down from the Jökulsárgljúfur canyon.Dettifoss waterfall is 552 km (343 mi) from Reykjavik. It is however only 151 km (94 mi) from Akureyri, the capital of North Iceland. It is possible to reach Dettifoss waterfall on all our cars during summer. During other seasons we recommend a 4X4/AWD, especially in winter.Close to Dettifoss is lake Mývatn, geothermal area and not far is the town of Húsavík, home to Iceland's best whale watching tours.Svartifoss WaterfallSvartifoss is in an area called Skaftafell, part of Vatnajökull National Park. Svartifoss is renowned for its unique basalt column formations surrounding the waterfall. The contrast between the dark basalt columns and the cascading white water makes it a visually striking attraction.The distance between Reykjavik and Svartifoss is 327 km (203 mi). Driving on Road 1 (the Ring Road) along the south coast of Iceland. There are many amazing sites within close range from Svartifoss waterfall. Such as Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon and Jökulsárlón Glacier lagoon.Rental Car In IcelandSo, book your rental car with Iceland´s fastest car rental service, and embark on a journey that will immerse you in the raw power and breathtaking beauty of Iceland's cascades.If you would like to know more about Iceland, feel free to check out Our blogs. There you will find interesting information on natural wonders, as well as highly useful travel tips for Iceland.BOOK NOW  

Fastest car rental service in Iceland - Stop waiting, start exploring

Did you know that Zero Car Rental is the fastest car rental service in Iceland and possible in the entire world? When it comes to traveling, there is nothing as valuable as time. As you only have limited travel time, you don´t want and should not spend it waiting for service.How would you like to be able to rent a car in Iceland without having to stand in line at the office to receive the rental vehicle you booked online? Or not having to worry about damages on the rental car while driving?If you value your travel time you will love Zero Car Rental, the fastest car rental service in Iceland!No More lines - Just Pick Up And GoZero stands for no problems. As in zero waiting time and zero worries during the rental. Meaning customers do not have to stand in line and wait for service. Instead, we offer solutions so customers get the keys to their rental car as soon as they arrive at the office.With the waiting time limited customers have more time to travel in Iceland and explore our country´s amazing scenery and incredible nature.Good and fast service is essential when traveling. Especially when traveling to Iceland. Most people traveling to Iceland are looking to witness the beautiful nature. Such as black sand beaches, volcanos, hot springs, and glaciers. As well as enjoying the Icelandic culture while traveling across the island.Every Minute Counts When TravelingIceland is big and getting from one place to another usually takes a bit of time. Like driving Iceland´s most popular route the Golden Circle or traveling on the Ring Road, which goes around the entire country. A rental car is by far the best way to explore Iceland. That´s why it´s highly important to get the best rental service.To be able to see as much as possible and experience all that Iceland has to offer, careful planning is needed as time is of the essence. Travelers do not have all the time in the world. Every minute, and even second counts when it comes to making the most out of your vacation.That´s why you should opt for the fastest car rental service in Iceland and value your precious travel time. Don´t spend it standing in line waiting for service. Go and book with Zero Car Rental so you can start your Iceland trip as soon as you arrive!How Is Zero Car Rental Service So Fast?It is rather simple. We ensure everything is taken care of before the customers arrives. By offering a pre-check-in for rentals, customers do not have to wait in line finalise the rental agreement. It is all taken care off within our online check-in system.Not only does this save time but by converting to smart solution we are also reducing the carbon footprint of your trip. Therefore, the rental is smart, fast, and eco-friendly.When you arrive in Iceland, you have already signed the all the forms needed and pick up information has been sent to you, via e-mail.  All you need to do is go to our office and collect the key from a key-box. As we only offer full coverage and unlimited milage there is no need to worry on your trip either. Making it a fully self-service and care free experience.Stop Waiting And Start ExploringThis will allow you to spend more time exploring Iceland instead of standing in line waiting. At the same time you can focus on enjoying your vacation without having to worry about the rental car.If you like to know more about Iceland, check out our Stories. There you will find highly practical information about driving in Iceland as well interesting articles about our natural wonders and Icelandic food.Our incredible service is available both at Keflavik Airport and Reykjavik City CenterBOOK NOW

4 best tips when renting an EV in Icelands

Having an electric car rental in Iceland is a great idea! Not only is it environmentally friendly but you will save money as electricity is much cheaper than fuel in Iceland.You see, Iceland´s amazing nature is not just beautiful to look at. Geothermal hot springs, waterfalls and glacier rivers are also used to create renewable energy. Now you can use this renewable energy to explore Iceland in an eco-friendly manner by renting an electric vehicle (EV).Here's our top 4 tips we recommend looking into before renting EV in Iceland. 1. Determine the use of your EV rental The first step when renting an EV for your trip to Iceland is determining how you intend to use it. This means deciding where you want to go and when. Having an electric car in Iceland does offer many advantages but there are also limits on where you can drive an EV in Iceland. SEE ALSO: DRIVING IN ICELAND – ALL OUT SELF-DRIVE GUIDANCEOur Electric Vehicles are for example not allowed on F-roads. So, when renting an EV, you need to find other ways to explore the Highland in Iceland.2. Know the Range of the EV rentalWhat is the driving range for the EV? That's the most common question a car rental company in Iceland gets. And there is a good reason for it. The EV range depends on each type and model. When selecting your EV rental car in Iceland it is important to know the range when planning your trip.With a quick online search you should be able to find this information. However take inconsideration that the range provided by car manufacturers is often the maximum long-drive range.The actual range can be lower as conditions affect the range. Such as weather and road conditions as well as the weight of the car.Therefore, you can search for the average range for your EV rental car or ask our staff for further information.3. Know where to Charge the EV rental The next step is to find charging stations to charge an electric car in Iceland. Luckily there are charging stations all over Iceland.Both electric cars and plug-in hybrids (EV and PEV) are popular in Iceland. The infrastructure for charging electric cars in Iceland is good, with fast charging stations located all over the island. When renting an EV in Iceland it is best to map out where you intend to stop for EV charging on your trip. By adding charging stations to your Iceland travel schedule you will be sure not to run out of power on your trip. In the end this will save time, as you will not have to look for charging stations during your road trip or be stranded if the EV goes powerless. Running out of juice is the main concern when driving an EV. Especially when traveling on new and unknown roads in Iceland. By planning the EV charging for you increase the chances of a stress free vacation.Whether your trip is simply going from Keflavik Airport to Reykjavik, see the Golden Circle or cruising along the South Coast. You can even drive the entire Ring Road on an EV by planning ahead. 4. Know how The EV rental operates Knowing how your EV rental operates will greatly improve your Iceland road trip. Making you able to fully utilize the electric vehicle when traveling. Making your trip even more enjoyable. Zero Car offers several types of EV´s. Including Kia Niro EV, Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y. Like all our rental cars, the EV´s have different capabilities suitable for renter multiple needs. What our EV´s have in common is that they have all proven great for driving in Iceland and they all have a long range of 400 KM or more.Our EV´s are equipped with type 2 fast charging cable and drivers can use all public charging stations. Tesla renters can also use Tesla Supercharger, fast charging stations in Iceland. More information about Driving in Iceland is found in Our Stories. BOOK NOW

Why Iceland has the best air in the world

There’s nothing better than taking a deep breath and filling the lungs with healthy fresh Icelandic air.Did you know that air quality in Iceland is among the best in the world? It is so clean and fresh that every time you take a deep breath it feels like you just brushed your teeth.This may sound unreal but the fact of the matter is that Iceland has some of the cleanest and freshest air in the world.This raises the obvious questions: what makes the air in Iceland so special? In this article we will uncover the truth and find out why the air in Iceland is so clean and fresh.Large island, few people, little pollutionThere are several reasons for Iceland´s fresh air. To begin with, Iceland is a very large country with a very small population.The only real city in Iceland is Reykjavik and even there, pollution is very low. Other towns in Iceland have a population under 20.000 people and most do not even reach 2000.Additionally, most towns are located along the coastline with more than 80% living in the southwest region of Iceland. That is in Reykjavik or within 50 km (31 mi) form the capital area.So, there aren't enough people gathered in small areas to create massive pollution in Iceland.Clean Green Energy of IcelandDid you know that Iceland is purely powered by green energy? This is a key factor for Iceland´s fresh air and perhaps the main reason for the clean air in Iceland.Iceland is known as the land of fire and ice because there are massive glaciers and volcanoes all over the country.SEE ALSO: CAN YOU VISIT VOLCANOES IN ICELAND?Glaciers have powerful glacier rivers. These rivers do not only create amazing waterfalls, such as Gullfoss waterfall and Dettifoss waterfall, they are also used to create electricity. Hydropower produces the majority of Iceland's electricity.Volcanic activity is not only useful to see awesome volcano eruptions like the one in Fagradalsfjall or block air traffic like the one in Eyjafjallajökull. All this heat underground is also the source for geothermal energy which in Iceland is also used to create electricity.Hot Spring Heated HousesThe water from the geothermal area is one of Iceland's greatest natural wonders. Mostly known as hot springs and geysers. What many may not know is that the hot springs are also used to heat up almost all houses in Iceland.As well as being an important resource for the vast number of Iceland's public pools.This means that all the power needed for commercial and industrial uses in Iceland comes from these renewable energy resources. As a result, the air in Iceland is among the cleanest and freshest in the world.Remote and windy island  Iceland is an island in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. This also plays an important role in Iceland's clean air. Due to its geographical position, outside pollution can't effectively reach the country.To top this off, Iceland is a rather windy place. Most of the time it feels like the wind is constantly blowing from all directions. Although this might not be Iceland's biggest quality it however means that the air is always moving and therefore keeping it fresh.Clean Electric FutureThere are of course some factors which cause air pollution in Iceland such as a few industrial factories, but as mentioned they are all powered by green energy.Another contributor to air pollution in Iceland are cars and other transportation which burn fossil fuel. However, with the introduction of reliable electric vehicles (EV) in recent years, this is also changing fast.Infrastructure for driving electric cars in Iceland has developed significantly. Fast charging stations are found in every town and on various stops along the Ring Road. Therefore, it is now possible to easily travel all over Iceland using EV.With Iceland on the fast track towards switching almost entirely to EV and other eco-friendly transportation alternatives, the air in Iceland will only get cleaner in the future.Rent an EV in IcelandWe highly recommend getting an EV car rental in Iceland. Not only will it reduce your carbon footprint, but it will also save you money. Electricity is much cheaper than fuel in Iceland.An EV rental car is a great option for both short and long road trips in Iceland. Whether you're planning to explore The Golden Circle, Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach or Church Mountain on Snæfellsnes Peninsula. You can even drive the entire Ring Road on an EV rental car without any issues.  Our most popular EV are the Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y. Both have proven excellent in Iceland, and we highly recommend them as other EV´s for renting a car in Iceland.SEE ALSO: DRIVING IN ICELAND – ALL OUT SELF-DRIVE GUIDANCEOutdoor Adventures in IcelandIceland's natural scenery is generally the main reason why people visit the country. This means those traveling to Iceland expect to spend much time outside and in nature.  With the best air in the world Iceland is ideal for outdoor activities. Just remember to dress appropriately, especially in winter.  With all this combined it's no wonder the air in Iceland is so fresh. So, if you are looking for an eco-friendly environment and the freshest air in the world, Iceland is the perfect place for you.Learn more about Iceland by reading Our Stories.BOOK NOW

Skessuhorn the amazing pyramid mountain in Iceland

Iceland is full of beautiful mountains but there is one that might just top them all. Skessuhorn (e. Trolls Horn), The Pyramid Mountain in Iceland.This triangular shaped mountain, located in Skorradalur valley in West Iceland is truly one of the most astonishing mountain views in Iceland. Not only does Skessuhorn Mountain look like a giant pyramid, it is also surrounded by natural wonders.Wonders of West IcelandThe Pyramid Mountain is part of a mountain range called “Skarðsheiði'' in the West part of Iceland. To the south is the fjord “Hvalfjörður,” where Glymur Iceland's tallest waterfall is and to the south is “Borgarfjörður,” home to Deildatunguhver, Iceland's largest geyser.What makes Skessuhorn, the Pyramid Mountain, so unique is how it stands out from the mountain range. This amazing scenery has captured people’s imagination for centuries and is regarded as one of the most incredible sites in Iceland.Pyramid Mountain of Skessuhorn, or Trolls Horn, stands 967 m (3172 ft.) above sea level. This is tall for a mountain in Iceland, especially for a mountain in Iceland which is part of a glacier or a volcano.Iceland's highest mountain, Hvannadalshnúkur is both an active volcano and part of Öræfajökull Glacier in Vatnajökull National Park.Hiking The Matterhorn of IcelandFor those interested in hiking in Iceland Skessuhorn is not an easy mountain to climb. There is no marked hiking trail up the Pyramid Mountain.  It has been dubbed “Matterhorn of Iceland” because of the resemblance to the famous mountain in the Swiss Alps.Like Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps, getting to the top of the pyramid is extremely difficult and should only be attempted by well trained and experienced mountain climbers. But if you’re looking for a challenge in Iceland this might just be what you´re looking for.SEE ALSO: KIRKJUFELL - CHURCH MOUNTAIN: ICELAND'S DEADLIEST MOUNTAIN!A Perfect Day Tour from ReykjavikThere are about 80 km (50 mi.) from Reykjavik to Skorradalur Valley.  From there is the best view of Skessuhorn and the pyramid´s mighty peak.Getting there is easy as you only need to travel on paved roads. Take the Ring Road (road 1) from Reykjavik and just before entering the bridge by the town of Borgarnes and turn onto road 52 which and after a short drive you will see it. It's A giant pyramid sticking out from the mountain range, so you can´t miss it.This is a great day tour from Reykjavik. And Skessuhorn is just one of many fantastic sites and natural wonders you can explore within the same area in the West of Iceland.The Biggest Hot Spring in EuropeFrom Skorradalur valley it is only a short drive to Deildartunguhver hot spring, Europe's highest flow rate geothermal hot spring. You can even take a dip into the hot spring at Krauma geothermal baths.Going to see the Pyramid Mountain is a perfect day tour in west Iceland. It is also off the Ring Road so sites there will be less crowded as many of Iceland's most popular tourist attractions such as the Golden Circle area and the South Coast.It is however just as interesting with amazing sites such as Reykholt, home of the Icelandic Sagas and Snorralaug pool, Iceland's oldest hot spring pool.  SEE ALSO: OUR TOP 4 PUBLIC POOLS IN ICELANDHraunfossar WaterfallsA bit further inland is Hraunfossar waterfalls. Hraunfossar are among the most unique and beautiful waterfalls in Iceland. Hraunfossar means lava waterfalls, that is exactly what it is. The water from the Highland runs through a lava field and to Hraunfossar waterfalls. There it flows straight from the lava field and into the river. A magical site and a must see in Iceland!A Great Place to see the Northern Lights or the Midnight SunHere´s a pro tip from us if you´re traveling to Iceland.Not only is this area full of interesting sites but Borgarfjörður is also one of the best places in Iceland to witness both the Northern Lights in winter and the Midnight Sun in summer.As a remote area there is next to no traffic or light pollution. The area is rather flat so there is open sky all around. These conditions are perfect for witnessing the Northern lights in winter and the Midnight sun during summer.SEE ALSO:THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES IN ICELANDAdditionally it is also easily accessible and a short distance from Reykjavik. There are so many great things to see so this will only enhance your Iceland experience and make your trip to Iceland even more magical.So, while in Iceland we strongly recommend taking the time to see the mountain called Skessuhorn, The Pyramid of Iceland.More on Iceland´s Natural Wonders is found in Our Stories.BOOK NOW

Women´s day in Iceland - Followed by bun day Monday

Women's day is the most romantic day of the year in Iceland and is celebrated on the third Sunday of February. Women's day is a huge part of Icelandic culture and tradition and it is safe to say that love is in the air on that day in Iceland.Not only is Women's day the most important day of the calendar for  every husband in Iceland, it is also the start of the old Icelandic month Góa. Meaning Midwinter is over and spring is coming soon. Celebrate Women's Day in Iceland On Women's day is it traditional for men in Iceland to give women flowers as well as giving gifts and other treats. Women's day is kind of the Icelandic version of Valentine’s Day, which is not generally celebrated in Iceland. As it is custom for men to pamper their women throughout this day. Women's day marks the end of Þorri, an old Icelandic month in Midwinter where the weather is at its worst and celebrated throughout Iceland with festivals called Þorrablót. Therefore Women's day marks the end of the darkest winter and the beginning of better things to come in Iceland. Romantic holiday in IcelandIf you´re looking for the perfect romantic holiday, we highly recommend traveling to Iceland, especially around Women´s day!Iceland is one of the most romantic places in the world. Winter is also a great time to visit Iceland and experience all the best Iceland has to offer in nature and culture.SEE ALSO: WHAT TO DO IN REYKJAVIK? OUR TOP PLACES TO VISITFor example going to a hot spring pool, followed by a night underneath the beautiful Northern lights. Add fine dining in Reykjavik and you got the most amazing and romantic date of your life guaranteed! Most unusual three day celebration After Women's day starts a rather unusual three-day celebration in Iceland.These other interesting and culturally unique days are called Bun Day Monday, Burst Day Tuesday and Ash Day Wednesday. They are celebrated 7 weeks before Easter so they don't always follow Women's day. Interestingly enough there is no name for the bundle although they are always celebrated each year in the same order. These days have a Christian origin although there is no religious connection to them in Iceland other than the dates follow Easter. Bun Day - MondayThe first day is called Bun Day (is. Bolludagur) and on that day Icelanders enjoy eating cream filled buns. This is by far the busiest day of the year for bakers in Iceland. The buns are topped with various toppings, but the traditional bun is served with whipped cream and jam filling and topped with chocolate.On Bun Day Monday it is tradition for children to make special Bun Day wands which they use to wake up and spank their parents. The goal is to shout “Bolla, Bolla, Bolla!” and for each hit they get they get a bun (is. Bolla). Burst Day - TuesdayThe second day is called Burst Day (is. Sprengjudagur) and is the Icelandic version of Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday. On that day it is tradition in Iceland to eat a dish of salty lamb and bean soup.  SEE ALSO: ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT FOOD AND DRINKS IN ICELANDThe idea behind this tradition is to eat so much salty lamb and bean soup until you feel like you´re going to burst.Ash Day - Wednesday The third and last day of this series is Ash Day. On this Wednesday children in Iceland dress up in costumes and collect candy. Much like on Halloween. The difference between Ash Wednesday and Halloween is however that the goal is not to scare anyone. And kids do not go from house to house. Instead, children go to stores and other local companies and sing. In return they get candy.Like Bun Day and Burst Day, Ash Day is an old Icelandic tradition which started somewhere in the late 19th century. Brought from Denmark, when Iceland was still part of the Danish Kingdom.Back then children would wear some costumes, but they did not sing for candy. The original tradition was to take small bags, or pouches, fill them with coal soot and hang on friends.Soot was later replaced by candy and the bags used for collecting it. Instead of hanging it on other people, store owners offered children to sing for the treats.A Winter holiday in IcelandThis is a great time of the year to visit Iceland and enjoy the best in Icelandic pastry, local food and fun cultural events.All these days are celebrated throughout Iceland, so no matter where you are in Iceland, you can experience these special and unique holidays with us.Just make sure to be prepared for winter conditions when traveling to Iceland in February. Most importantly, bring winter clothes and above all get a good rental car. A 4x4/AWD will be ideal for your winter adventure in Iceland, as there will be snow and ice on the roads. Therefore, we recommend an SUV such as the Suzuki Vitara or larger vehicles like the powerful Toyota Land Cruiser. For more information about Icelandic Culture, see Our Blogs. BOOK NOW

How to dress when visiting Iceland in winter

Dressing appropriately is essential for a comfortable and memorable trip to Iceland in winter.The winter weather in Iceland can be rather unpredictable, but it is expected to be cold, windy, and wet. Therefore, it is crucial to be prepared when visiting Iceland during winter.Here are some tips for what to wear in the cold and unpredictable weather conditions. Layers: Iceland's winter weather can vary greatly, so it's important to dress in layers. Start with a lightweight base layer to wick away moisture, then add a mid-layer for insulation and finish with a waterproof and windproof outer layer.Warm clothing: Invest in warm clothing, such as a fleece, wool sweater or insulated jacket. Make sure to also pack gloves, a hat and a scarf to keep your extremities warm.Waterproof gear: Iceland is known for its rain and snow, so don't forget to pack waterproof boots, pants and a jacket.Thermal underwear: Thermal underwear is a must-have item in Iceland during winter. It will keep you warm and dry even in the harshest weather conditions.Bright colors: Wearing bright colors is highly recommended in Iceland during winter, as it makes it easier for rescue teams to find you in case of an emergency. Comfort: Comfort should be your top priority when dressing for Iceland in winter. Make sure to wear clothes that allow for ease of movement and do not restrict your ability to enjoy the beautiful landscapes.By following these tips, you'll be well-prepared for the unpredictable weather conditions in Iceland and able to fully enjoy your winter adventure.Winter Weather in IcelandThe Icelandic winter is mostly cold and dark. The weather can be bright and beautiful but in between it can turn to the worst fast and once it does it can hit hard. Temperature during the winter months is around 0°C but it can drop to as low as – 10°C or more in certain areas.It is highly important to pay attention to both weather and road conditions when traveling  in Iceland during winter. Do not take any risks, it is simply not worth it. Being stuck in a snowstorm is dangerous and not at all a fun experience.Driving in Iceland During WinterWinter driving in Iceland might be challenging at times but it is also a unique experience that will last a lifetime.The rental car is the most important tool of the trip in Iceland as it provides freedom and endless possibilities for great adventures.However, driving in Iceland isn't always easy. This is especially true during winter when weather conditions are not always in the traveler’s favorer. There is often snow and ice on the roads and drivers must be careful when driving in these winter conditions.SEE ALSO: DRIVING IN ICELAND – ALL OUT SELF-DRIVE GUIDANCEThere are many benefits of having a rental car in Iceland in winter. The rental car offers the possibility to alter travel plans and avoid bad weather if needed. That's why we recommend waiting for the road to be cleared and for the weather to improve. Luckily there is no shortage of amazing sites in Iceland, so travelers should easily find an interesting new place to visit, if needed.For winter driving in Iceland we recommend a 4x4 such as Dacia Duster or Jeep Renegade. For a full winter driver experience we even recommend a large SUV like the powerful Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.Amazing Winter Activities In IcelandWinter is a wonderful time for visiting Iceland. A time where it is possible to see amazing natural wonders in their winter uniform.Iceland is known for its spectacular scenery and among the most beautiful sites found in Iceland are its many waterfalls. In winter it is possible to see frozen waterfalls such as Seljalandsfoss waterfall, Skógarfoss waterfall, Gullfoss waterfall and Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall.As Iceland is known as the land of Ice and Fire travelers will also come across snow covered mountains and lava fields. Seeing the latest eruption at Fargadalsfjall volcano where ice and fire meet on the hot lava field.  Winter is also the time to witness the amazing Northern Lights in Iceland. Now, that’s one for the bucket list!SEE ALSO: HUNT FOR THE NORTHERN LIGHTS IN SNAEFELLSNES PENINSULAHot springs of IcelandAlthough it is very important to dress appropriately when visiting Iceland in winter, there are other ways to warm up in the Land of Ice and Fire.There are hundreds of hot springs in Iceland. Providing hot water to public pools and popular attractions such as the Blue Lagoon, Secret Lagoon and Sky Lagoon, to name a few.These natural geothermal pools are perfect to visit for warming up in the cold Icelandic winter. See Our Stories for more Travel Tips and Practical Info in Iceland. BOOK NOW

The month of Thorri - The ultimate Icelandic cultural experience

Þorri, also spelled Thorri, is an old Icelandic month that falls between January and February. It is a time when Icelanders celebrate their heritage and culture, and it's a great time to visit the country if you're interested in experiencing the unique traditions and customs of Iceland.Þorrablót Feast of Traditional Icelandic FoodÞorri is traditionally celebrated with a feast called Þorrablót. This celebration is a tribute to the ancient Norse gods and is a time for Icelanders to enjoy traditional foods such as fermented shark, smoked lamb, burned sheep heads and ram´s testicles.SEE ALSO: ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT FOOD AND DRINKS IN ICELANDThese foods are typically served with a variety of condiments, such as mashed potatoes, mashed beets, and white sauce. It is also tradition to drink Brennivín, also called Black Death, an Icelandic spirit.There is also special beers called Þorri-beer. Just like the food served it is available during the month of Þorri. And just like the food, some of the beers are stranger than others. The the smoked whale testicles flavour beer probably being the strangest of them.Starts on Men´s day – Ends on Women´s dayThe month of Þorri starts on Men´s day which takes place on the first Friday of the month. It ends on the third Sunday of February, a day called Women´s day. Both these days are celebrated in Iceland, where is it tradition to pamper the men and women of the house as well as giving each other flowers and small gifts much like couples do on Valentine’s days around the world.Celebration of Iceland´s heritageThe month of Þorri with the Þorrablót feasts traces its roots to the Vikings settlers in Iceland. The celebration became popular in the 19th century and has been the biggest cultural event in Iceland ever since.The people of Iceland not only celebrate their heritage during Þorri. Þorri is also a celebration of midwinter. Meaning winter has reach its highpoint and Icelanders can look forward for brighter days and better weather.Another tradition during Þorri is the "Þorri singing", where groups of friends and family gather together to sing traditional songs and recite poetry. These gatherings often take place in private homes but can also happen in local bars and restaurants.Witness Amazing Winter SceneryDuring the month of Þorri, the weather in Iceland can be quite cold, with temperatures ranging from -10°C to -20°C. The days are also very short, with only a few hours of daylight. But don't let that discourage you! Iceland is known for its beautiful winter landscapes, and during Þorri, you'll have the chance to see the Northern Lights, as well as snow-covered mountains and frozen waterfalls.Seeing the spectacular Northern Lights should be on every traveler’s bucket list. The Northern Lights, or the Aurora Borealis, can only be seen under certain conditions. Mainly cold weather and most importantly a clear sky. To find such as spot you need to make your own travel plan and be able to adjust accordingly.SEE ALSO: HUNT FOR THE NORTHERN LIGHTS IN SNAEFELLSNES PENINSULAThere is no better way to explore Iceland and see all its natural beauty than cruising around in your own rental car in Iceland. Only by having a rental car Iceland, will you have the freedom and opportunity to experience all that Iceland has to offer.Having a rental car will undoubtfully increase the chance significantly of seeing the auroras in Iceland.Prepare For a Winter Travel in IcelandFor a winter road trip in Iceland, we recommend a 4x4 as roads will most likely have snow and ice on them. Therefore, rental cars such as the Suzuki Vitara, Dacia Duster or even the mighty Land Rover Defender are ideal for visiting Iceland during the midwinter month of Þorri.SEE ALSO: DRIVING IN ICELAND – ALL OUT SELF-DRIVE GUIDANCEIf you're interested in experiencing the culture and traditions of Iceland, then the month of Þorri is the perfect time to visit. You'll have the opportunity to try traditional Icelandic food, hear traditional music, and see the beautiful winter landscapes. Just be sure to pack warm clothes!See Our Stories for more information on Icelandic Culture and travel tips. BOOK NOW

What are the best shoes for walking in Iceland?

Iceland is a land of vast scenery, teeming with extraordinary natural marvels. From extravagant waterfalls to pristine lava fields, each footstep taken in Iceland is more captivating than the previous. Whether you're preparing for a brief trek, embarking on the Laugavegur trail, or simply wandering through the streets of Reykjavik, it is crucial to have suitable attire when visiting Iceland. This is just as vital as securing the finest rental vehicle.Here we will go over which shoes are best to wear in Iceland and why. Follow us as we explore Iceland on our feet.Hiking Boots All Year Round Iceland´s inspiring natural beauty and breathtaking scenery make it a true hiking paradise. So, if you truly want to explore Iceland on your feet, you will need a good pair of hiking shoes.While not necessary when walking in Reykjavik or other cities in Iceland, hiking shoes are over all the best and safest bet when selecting shoes to wear in Iceland all year round.If you desire to witness the grand glaciers of Iceland or explore the valleys surrounding our magnificent waterfalls, it is advisable to don a sturdy pair of hiking footwear. Whether your aim is to discover remote and concealed treasures or visit well-known attractions like Thingvellir National Park, Reynisfjara Black sand Beach, or Seljalandsfoss waterfall, your chances of success will significantly increase if you opt for hiking boots.Hiking boots are also highly useful when visiting Iceland in winter. Winter conditions in Iceland are wet and cold, with icy streets and deep snow. In such situations a good pair of hiking boots, with good leg support and waterproof material is a great option for walking in the Icelandic winter.Keep Warm With Winter BootsIceland is a winter wonderland worth witnessing. In the cold dark winter it is possible to experience some of Iceland's most magical scenery. From snow covered mountains to frozen waterfalls and of course the amazing Northern lights.In order to see the best of Iceland in winter you need two things. A good and reliable rental car, preferably a 4x4, and a good pair of shoes that can handle the cold and wet conditions.To keep it simple you need to stay warm and dry. There are many ways to do so, but basically that’s all there is to it. So wear winter boots, either with warm material on the inside or make sure you can wear something to keep you warm underneath. Icelanders like to wear wool socks on their feet during winter, and you should try it too. It’s a proven method that has kept our feets  warm for over a thousand years.Wearing Sneakers in IcelandSneakers or some sort of sport shoes are probably the most popular shoes in Iceland overall. Although winter is long, cold and wet, most Icelanders opt to wear sneakers for a large part of the year.You don't need winter or hiking boots for walking in Iceland during summer. You can easily wear a pair of Nike, Adidas or any type of sneaker when walking the streets of Reykjavik during the long hours of the Icelandic summer. Like any other season, just wear what makes you comfortable and sneakers in the midnight sun is a great combination when walking in Iceland.Can you wear Sandals in Iceland?There is nothing wrong with bringing sandals to Iceland. It might not be the best option for walking in Iceland for most of the year, but it can however serve you well.Sandals may not be the ideal footwear for the black sand beaches in Iceland, like Reynisfjara or Sólheimasandur, but they are nice to have for wearing inside on cold winter days.You see, in Icelandic culture it is a costume for people to take off their shoes when going inside. Since it is easy to get cold feet in Iceland it is popular to wear slippers and sandals as indoor shoes to keep warm.ConclusionIn the end it is just a matter of staying comfortable. If you had to take just one pair of shoes to Iceland we highly recommend hiking boots. It is just like renting a 4x4 rental car. Better to have and not need it than the other way around. Giving you a better opportunity to explore Iceland no matter the time of the year. As long as you stay dry and warm you should be fine and enjoy your Iceland vacation. Your packing list should depend on where you go, time of the year and the activity planned. You do not want to climb a volcano wearing slippers and there is no need for winter boots when walking in Reykjavik during summer.It is a mixture of common sense and careful planning which should determine the shoes you need for walking in Iceland.Please check out Our Blogs if you like to get more Travel Tips in Iceland and while there you can also read up on Icelandic Culture and Natural Wonders. BOOK NOW