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Why choose Zero Car?

  • Full insurance included with ZERO excess
  • Keybox pick up and automated rental process
  • No lines and no waiting time
  • Pick your car and thats it
  • Simply book fly drive

Frequently Asked Questions

To make your travel preparation easier Zero Car has collected frequently asked questions from our thousands of customers and made the answers available here at our website.

Before I Book

  • Do I need to present any documents when I pick up the car?
    You will not need to present any documents when you pick up the car. You will go through online check-in before you arrive to Iceland. In the online check-in you must provide driver license information and credit card information for security. The provider will not hold any deposit on your card while you have the car
  • What is the minimum age to rent a car?
    The minimum age for renting a car with our provider is 20 years of age. Renter must be 20 years of age to rent a vehicle at Zero Car. To rent a large size SUV or a passenger car the renter must be 23 years of age.
  • What payment options do you offer?
    We only accept online payments. We accept all major credit cards and debit cards.
  • What is included in my rental price?
    • All insurances (CDW,SCDW,TP,GP,SAAP and Zero liability insurance)
    • Unlimited kilometres
    • 24% VAT
  • Do you accept all drivers licenses?
    The provider accepts all foreign driver´s license if they are valid and can be read by staff members (in English or at least with Latin characters) If not, please bring an International Driver´s License.
  • Do I need to leave a deposit when I pick up the car?
    The provider does not hold a deposit from our customers while they have the rental car. In the Online Check-in process an imprint of the credit card is hold as a guarantee. If the renter does not have a credit card 16-digit number debit card is accepted.
  • What is the minimum rental time?
    You have to rent the car for minimum of 48 hours
  • Do you offer zero excess insurance?
    Zero excess is included in our prices. You do not have to decide on expensive insurances anymore.
  • Do you have any additional insurances?
    No, all insurances are included in the price
  • Who is the provider?
    The provider for is Blue Car Rental, a local car rental founded in 2010. We work with local car rental simply because of their quality. They have the newest car fleet, great cars and quality service. They are the only car rental who offer a modern car rental service with online check-in which avoids the most complained thing regarding car rental service – the waiting time!
  • Do you accept debit card?
    We do accept 16-digit number debit cards both for payment and as a guarantee while the car is in your possession. Keep in mind that we do not block any amount from our customers cards.
  • Do you offer roadside assistance?
    The Roadside Assistance Waiver reduces the amount that Zero Car charges for assistance that is required because of a breakdown, accident, damage, or other reasons that are the driver´s / renter´s responsibility to ZERO. Zero Car offers 24/7 Roadside- and breakdown assistance through our phone number +354 773-7070. We have service partners all around the country that we use in case of breakdowns, accidents, damages, or other incidents that require assistance. In case a replacement car is needed due to such an incident Zero Car of course provides the renter with a new car as quickly as possible. If roadside assistance is required because of a breakdown, accident, damage or other reasons that are the driver´s / renter´s responsibility Zero Car will charge the renter for the assistance. The fee for such assistance and/or retrieval fee for picking up a rental car can often vary from 35.000 ISK to 450.000 ISK depending on the location and what type of assistance is required. That is in addition to the damages to the rental car itself. This fee is of course not charged if the assistance can be traced to a breakdown, accident, damage, or other reasons that are Zero Car responsibility.

Extras and Equipment

  • What are roof boxes?
    Roof box is the perfect solution if you need some extra space for your luggage or equipment. The roof box are 410 liters with a dimension of 175x85x45 and can carry up to 50 kg.
  • Can I fit all my luggage to my rental car?
    It all depends on the car you are renting and your luggage. The rule of thumb is that 2-3 medium sized luggage can fit to the smallest car option. Mid-sized cars can carry up to 4 luggage. The larger cars can carry up to 5 luggage. Keep in mind that his all depends on the size and shape of the luggage. If you are renting a 7 seated vehicle and there are 7 passengers the luggage space is minimum. You only fit around 2-3 medium sized luggage to the trunk when both trunk seats are in use. We recommend adding a roof box for more luggage space.
  • Does my car come with winter tires?
    All rental cars come with studded winter tires from November 1st to April 15th. Studded winter tires are not allowed by Icelandic laws on a different period.
  • Do the cars have heated seats?
    All our rental cars are equipped with heated seats for the cold Icelandic winters.
  • Can I connect my smartphone to the car?
    All cars come with USB, Bluetooth, and AUX ports
  • How does the 4G WIFI work?
    Our 4G WIFI portable device is perfect for staying connected on your trip. You can connect up to 10 devices to the network with unlimited data. Share your unique Icelandic experience with friends and family at home. Stay updated on the latest news and weather conditions. The 4G WIFI will make your life easier on the road !
  • Can all cars have roof boxes?
    Only available for 7 seated vehicles

After I Book

  • Will I receive the booked vehicle?
    We have listed similar options if there is any for each selection. You will be provided with the booked vehicle or a similar option. In case of any troubles, we guarantee similar option or an upgrade without additional cost. If you book vehicle with automatic transmission you will receive one.
  • How do I modify my booking?
    You can simply modify your booking at our website. Simply log in to your booking area and modify it.
  • Do you refund for unused days?
    After you pick up your car we do not offer refund for unused, or partly used days. If you modify your booking before your pick up we will refund you the difference.
  • Where do I find Zero Car Rental in Iceland?
    We have two offices, located at Keflavík International Airport and Downtown Reykjavík City. You can find more detailed information under deliveries at our website.
  • What are the opening hours?
    Keflavík International Airport office: You can collect the keys at any time as the key box is available 24/7. If further assistance is needed there will be a staff member at the office from 6:00 am until 2:00 am. Reykjavík City office: You can collect the keys at any time as the key box is available 24/7. If further assistance is needed there will be a staff member in the office from 8:00 am until 6:00 pm. If you need assistance you can reach us by phone 24/7 or via e-mail: - Phone: +354-773-7070 - E-mail:
  • Do you have emergency breakdown assistance?
    Our emergency breakdown assistance service is open 24/7. If you have any problems do not hesitate to call the provider. They have excellent customer service. The number is +354 773-7070 If there are any injuries, we ask you to call 112 before you reach contact the provider.
  • Is there any fee for tolls or parking in Iceland?

    There is a toll fee, for Vaðlaheiðargöng which is located up north, near Akureyri City. The fee is 1.850 ISK and is paid through app or website: There are few places where you need to pay for parking such as; Downtown Reykjavík city, Akureyri, Þingvellir þjóðgarður. Make sure to complete the payment to avoid being fined or charged related cost.

    There is also a Road Tax Fee applicable to electric cars, hydrogen cars, and plug-in hybrid cars, with rates set at 6 ISK (0,04€/$)  per kilometer for electric cars and 2 ISK(0,01 €/$ ) per kilometer for plug-in hybrids. Road Tax Fee is charged at the beginning of the rental time. The amount will be estimated based on the average distance to eliminate any post-rental surprises.


  • How can I cancel my booking?
    You can cancel your booking through manage booking. If there are less than 7 days until your pick up you need to send us an e-mail
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    You can cancel your car up to 24 hours before your pick up and get a 100% refund. For cancellations, with less than 24 hours to pickup and no show we charge 100% of your rental.
  • What happens if I have an accident?
    If you have an accident, we ask you to fill out the accident report located in the car. You will need to get the signature from all drivers involved in the accident. When you return the car, we ask you to return the car report to our staff members on site. Keep in mind that in case of damage on the car the accident report is necessary! You will not be charge for the damages as our prices include zero excess insurance. If anyone is injured, we ask you to call 112 (emergency service) straight away.


  • How do I pick up the car?
    Before you arrive we ask you to finish our online check in. the online check-in will walk you through our safety and rental terms. After you have finished your online check-in we will send you an access code before you pick up your car. You than use the access code to pick up your car key at the key box. The car will be parked outside the office and if you had ordered any extras they will be in the car
  • How do I reach the shuttle bus at the airport?
    On the arrival hall you will see a sign, Car Rental Shuttle Service and Blue Car Rental Logo. It will guide you out to the shuttle bus which will take you to our office. The distance is only few hundred metres. After returning the car you can take the shuttle bus back to the airport. The bus stops outside Blue Car Rental office
  • How does the key box work?
    30-60 minutes before your pickup time, you will receive an e-mail with the code you use to open the key box. The car will be waiting for you outside our offices and if you ordered any extras they will be in the car
  • When should I return the car before my flight?
    We recommend you to return the car 1,5 - 2 hours before your flight. You should drop off all the passengers at the airport before returning the car. As all insurances are included with Zero deductible you can simply return the car and leave. If there have been any damages on the rental car while it was in your possession we recommend you to arrive a little earlier as we need to see if the accident report has been filled out correctly.
  • Can I return the car outside opening hours?
    You´re in luck. As all insurances are included and the deductible is Zero, you have the option to return the keys in a key box outside Blue Car Rental opening hours. You will receive confirmation the morning after the return.
  • Can I pick up my key at a counter?
    All rentals are picked up in the key box. There will be staff members on site if you need any assistance with the key box or have any questions.
  • What should I do if I see damages on the car when I pick it up?
    After you pick up the car, we will send you condition report of the car. If you do not see the damage on the condition report, you can contact the provider to have it added to the report or simply take photo and send it to the provider.