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Natural Wonders
20 March 2023

Skessuhorn - The Amazing Pyramid Mountain in Iceland

The Matterhorn of Iceland is located in Borgarfjordur in the west part of Iceland.
Skessuhorn - Sometimes called Matterhorn of Iceland.

Iceland is full of beautiful mountains but there is one that might just top them all. Skessuhorn (e. Trolls Horn), The Pyramid Mountain in Iceland.

This triangular shaped mountain, located in Skorradalur valley in West Iceland is truly one of the most astonishing mountain views in Iceland. Not only does Skessuhorn Mountain look like a giant pyramid, it is also surrounded by natural wonders.

Wonders of West Iceland

The Pyramid Mountain is part of a mountain range called “Skarðsheiði'' in the West part of Iceland. To the south is the fjord “Hvalfjörður,” where Glymur Iceland's tallest waterfall is and to the south is “Borgarfjörður,” home to Deildatunguhver, Iceland's largest geyser.

What makes Skessuhorn, the Pyramid Mountain, so unique is how it stands out from the mountain range. This amazing scenery has captured people’s imagination for centuries and is regarded as one of the most incredible sites in Iceland.

Pyramid Mountain of Skessuhorn, or Trolls Horn, stands 967 m (3172 ft.) above sea level. This is tall for a mountain in Iceland, especially for a mountain in Iceland which is part of a glacier or a volcano.

Iceland's highest mountain, Hvannadalshnúkur is both an active volcano and part of Öræfajökull Glacier in Vatnajökull National Park.

Hiking The Matterhorn of Iceland

For those interested in hiking in Iceland Skessuhorn is not an easy mountain to climb. There is no marked hiking trail up the Pyramid Mountain.  

It has been dubbed “Matterhorn of Iceland” because of the resemblance to the famous mountain in the Swiss Alps.

Like Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps, getting to the top of the pyramid is extremely difficult and should only be attempted by well trained and experienced mountain climbers. But if you’re looking for a challenge in Iceland this might just be what you´re looking for.


A Perfect Day Tour from Reykjavik

There are about 80 km (50 mi.) from Reykjavik to Skorradalur Valley.  From there is the best view of Skessuhorn and the pyramid´s mighty peak.

Getting there is easy as you only need to travel on paved roads. Take the Ring Road (road 1) from Reykjavik and just before entering the bridge by the town of Borgarnes and turn onto road 52 which and after a short drive you will see it. It's A giant pyramid sticking out from the mountain range, so you can´t miss it.

This is a great day tour from Reykjavik. And Skessuhorn is just one of many fantastic sites and natural wonders you can explore within the same area in the West of Iceland.

The biggest hot spring in Europe and Iceland.
Deildartunguhver Hot spring is the highest flow rate hot spring in Europe.

The Biggest Hot Spring in Europe

From Skorradalur valley it is only a short drive to Deildartunguhver hot spring, Europe's highest flow rate geothermal hot spring. You can even take a dip into the hot spring at Krauma geothermal baths.

Going to see the Pyramid Mountain is a perfect day tour in west Iceland. It is also off the Ring Road so sites there will be less crowded as many of Iceland's most popular tourist attractions such as the Golden Circle area and the South Coast.

It is however just as interesting with amazing sites such as Reykholt, home of the Icelandic Sagas and Snorralaug pool, Iceland's oldest hot spring pool.  


Hraunfossar Waterfalls

A bit further inland is Hraunfossar waterfalls. Hraunfossar are among the most unique and beautiful waterfalls in Iceland. Hraunfossar means lava waterfalls, that is exactly what it is. The water from the Highland runs through a lava field and to Hraunfossar waterfalls. There it flows straight from the lava field and into the river. A magical site and a must see in Iceland!

The water comes straight out from the lava field in Husafell forrest.
Hraunfossar Waterfall in West Iceland.

A Great Place to see the Northern Lights or the Midnight Sun

Here´s a pro tip from us if you´re traveling to Iceland.

Not only is this area full of interesting sites but Borgarfjörður is also one of the best places in Iceland to witness both the Northern Lights in winter and the Midnight Sun in summer.

As a remote area there is next to no traffic or light pollution. The area is rather flat so there is open sky all around. These conditions are perfect for witnessing the Northern lights in winter and the Midnight sun during summer.


Additionally it is also easily accessible and a short distance from Reykjavik. There are so many great things to see so this will only enhance your Iceland experience and make your trip to Iceland even more magical.

So, while in Iceland we strongly recommend taking the time to see the mountain called Skessuhorn, The Pyramid of Iceland.

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