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19 August 2022

New Volcano Eruption in Iceland - How to visit Meradalir

The volcano eruption in Meradalir, is Iceland´s newest and most popular tourist attraction. That´s highly understandable. There are not many things that top seeing an active volcano shotting lava into the air and coloring the earth and sky in magical orange color.

The exciting new volcano eruption however raises a few very important questions for travelers visiting Iceland. Questions we aim to answer in order to assist you to experience the awesome power of nature in Iceland.

Is it safe to go see the volcano?

The first and the most important question is whether it is safe to see the new volcano eruption. It is a bit tricky question, but the short answer is luckily yes.

To start with it is perfectly safe to travel to Iceland during this eruption. The volcano in Meradalir is not a forming an ash cloud and dose not disrupt air traffic in any way. The lava is also not flowing anywhere near any roads or residential areas.

It is for the most part safe to go to Meradalir and see the eruption. You will however need to follow a few steps in order to ensure your safety.

The volcano site is in a remote area, so you need to prepare for a hike.

  • See weather conditions and seek information about gas pollution form the volcano.
  • Only walk on marked trail.
  • Do not step on the lava, new or old. It is hot and extremely dangerous.
  • If you walk after dark, bring a headlight or flashlight.
  • Notify others of your plans and have your cellphone fully charged at the start of the hike.

Here you can find more information about safety measures and guidelines for walking to the volcano.

Northern lights in Icelandic nature

What is the best way getting to the volcano?

We of course recommend having a rental car in Iceland so you can explore our island at our own time and convenience.


The new volcano eruption is actually happening in the same area as the 2021 eruption in Fagradalsfjall on Reykjanes peninsula. Therefore, you can easily find the new volcano by searching for Fagradalsfjall online and see where it is and how to get there.

It is only a about a half an hour drive from Keflavik international airport and Reykjavik. If you have problems finding the location online, head for the town of Grindavik, passing the Blue Lagoon and once there, head East towards, Þorlákshöfn.

There are parking areas there for visitors which, from where the trails to the eruption site leads. You can´t miss it.

Here you can see a map of the area, including parking areas and hiking trails.

Fagradalsfjall volcano

What should I bring?

It is bit of a hike from the parking areas to the volcano. At least 14 km or about 9 miles. In order to see the eruption and glowing lava flowing, prepare for at least five-hour long hike.

For a hike that long, in a terrain like in Meradalir, you need to have the right equipment if you want to get the best experience from your volcanic adventure.

We recommend wearing outdoor cloths which will keep you both warm and dry. Hiking boots are a must have on these hikes and it does not hurt to have hiking sticks to support you on the way.

We also recommend taking something to eat and drink with you. It will take a lot of energy getting to the volcano.


Fagradalsfjall volcano

As you can see there is nothing in the way for your biggest adventure. All you need to do is come to Iceland, book a car and follow these guidelines. It is that simple. But believe us when we say, there is nothing that compares witnessing an active volcano.

A live video of the volcano eruption from the Icelandic national broadcast service.

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