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17 December 2021

Ensure a good vacation in Iceland

How to ensure a good vacation in Iceland

Have you ever heard the saying; “you can't insure burned down buildings.” Well, the same applies to rental cars in Iceland. Although burning vehicles are not a big concern in Iceland you never know what can happen.

The Icelandic attitude - “Þetta reddast”

The most common saying in Iceland is “þetta reddast.” It basically means “it will be okay.” This is an attitude we want you to experience. The key factor for a carefree experience in Iceland is insurance.

It is always better to be safe than sorry and prepare for the unexpected. There are many challenges that may lay ahead when travelling in Iceland. The weather is unpredictable all year round. The roads are narrow and in all kinds of conditions. This should of course not prevent you from exploring our beautiful country. It is packed full of exciting places and extraordinary sceneries.

Drive safely in IcelandPhoto: Ray Ropers
Be prepared for the roadPhoto: Ray Ropers

Are damages expensive in Iceland?

It´s no secret that Iceland is an expensive country. Therefore, the repair cost is high. Probably much higher than what you are used to. So having insurance for your rental car will save you a lot of money, even for just the smallest damages, if something happens to your rental car.

Nothing compares to the disappointment of paying high amounts for damages. It is simply the worst and can absolutely ruin the vacation experience. Nobody wants to go home with a bad taste in their mouth after paying for something that perhaps what not in their control.

Please leave with only good memories

That is why we strongly recommend having the best insurance available for your rental car when traveling in Iceland. It might cost you a little more but trust us, it is better to have it and not need it rather than not having it and needing it. If you insure to be insured, you can travel with zero worries and leave with nothing but good memories from our amazing country.

Be prepared for the roadPhoto: Ray Ropers
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