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28 September 2023

Can you visit volcanoes in Iceland?

Iceland is called the land of ice and fire for e good reason. There is a lot of ice here and a lot of volcanoes. There are about 130 volcanoes in Iceland, and we experience an eruption about every 5 to 7 years.

So, you can surely see volcanoes in Iceland. Some more active than other of course so we cannot promise you will see a live eruption every time. But we can guarantee you will be impressed when you witness the amazing power of nature surrounding the volcanoes.

You don´t have to drive far on your rental car from Reykjavik to see volcanoes. They are all around the island.

The tourist volcano: Fagridalur

The last eruption was just this year on Reykjanes peninsula, in Fagridalur. There you can see fresh lava fields and witness the awesome power of nature first-hand. That´s only a about half an hour drive from the capital area and there are even parking lots for the trails up to the sights.

Can you visit volcanoes in iceland? lava field

The famous volcano: Eyjafjallajökull

A very difficult name to pronounce but at the same time our most famous volcano. Eyjafjallajökull last erupted in 2010, causing all sorts of problems for air traffic around the world. Putting Iceland firmly on the worldwide map!

That's about 2 hours’ drive from Reykjavik along the south cost. Where you can see it from road one. If you have one of our 4x4 you can get a closer look by driving inland and hike trails around the glacier.

The good old volcano: Kerið

Not an active volcano but a beautiful sight well worth mentioning. It is a huge crater located in the south region, between Thingvellir and Selfoss. An easy one-hour drive from Reykjavik on paved road. A perfect addition for the famous golden circle route.

The hot volcano: Hekla

One of Iceland most active volcano. The drive to Hekla is about one and a half hour from Reykjavik. But if the sky is clear, you will see it much sooner when driving in the south part of Iceland. It is a huge and breath-taking mountain. Hekla last eruption was in 2001, so be careful there. Volcanologists say it’s past her time and suspect she will erupt soon!

So, if you want to have an adventure in Iceland, get into your rental car and go see our volcanoes. It will be an experience you will never forget!

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