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Driving in Iceland

28 September 2023

Winter driving in Iceland

The winter is long in Iceland, really long. It usually lasts for about seven months or from October to April. Let me tell you a little bit about the Icelandic winter and some tips for travelling in Iceland during that time.

Do to the fact that the winter is long, cold, and dark Zero Car offers winter gear, such as ice scraper and winter tires. We also have a wide selection of well-equipped vehicles that are perfect for any conditions when travelling around Iceland in your rental car. So, there is absolutely no need to worry. Zero Car got you covered!

Twilight zone

You might have heard of the midnight sun during the Icelandic summer. In winter it is the exact opposite with limited daylight. In some parts even just a few hours.

That is however not to say that there is total darkness. During this time Iceland is sometimes called the land of twilights since the sun is low during the day.

It might sound strange, but we recommend bringing sunglasses with you. As the sun can shine directly to your eyes and then you do not want to be on the road with sunglasses.

winter driving in iceland, icy road

Planning is key

Another factor you need to consider is the unpredictable weather. It can and will most likely affect your travel plans. The old saying; "if you don´t like the weather - wait five minutes" is never as true as during winter. Try to have your travel plans as flexible as possible in case the weather forces you to stay put for few minutes, few hours or even over a night. Organising is a major key when travelling in Iceland

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Unforgettable light show

The winter is not without its perks. The limited daylight opens an opportunity for the most spectacular light show in the world, the Northern lights.

The Northern Lights are visible in Iceland between the end of during these months. If the skies are clear and there have been any solar storms you should be able to see them. The best way to look for them is of course with our own rental car, from Zero Car.

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So, don’t be afraid to explore Iceland in winter and witness the darkness, the twilight and the Northern light. It will be an experience you will never forget.

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