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Driving in Iceland

29 September 2023

4 best tips when renting an EV in Icelands

Having an electric car rental in Iceland is a great idea! Not only is it environmentally friendly but you will save money as electricity is much cheaper than fuel in Iceland.

You see, Iceland´s amazing nature is not just beautiful to look at. Geothermal hot springs, waterfalls and glacier rivers are also used to create renewable energy. 

Now you can use this renewable energy to explore Iceland in an eco-friendly manner by renting an electric vehicle (EV).

Here's our top 4 tips we recommend looking into before renting EV in Iceland. 

1. Determine the use of your EV rental 

The first step when renting an EV for your trip to Iceland is determining how you intend to use it. 

This means deciding where you want to go and when. Having an electric car in Iceland does offer many advantages but there are also limits on where you can drive an EV in Iceland. 


Our Electric Vehicles are for example not allowed on F-roads. So, when renting an EV, you need to find other ways to explore the Highland in Iceland.

2. Know the Range of the EV rental

What is the driving range for the EV? That's the most common question a car rental company in Iceland gets. And there is a good reason for it. 

The EV range depends on each type and model. When selecting your EV rental car in Iceland it is important to know the range when planning your trip.

With a quick online search you should be able to find this information. However take inconsideration that the range provided by car manufacturers is often the maximum long-drive range.

The actual range can be lower as conditions affect the range. Such as weather and road conditions as well as the weight of the car.

Therefore, you can search for the average range for your EV rental car or ask our staff for further information.

charge your EV in Iceland.

3. Know where to Charge the EV rental 

The next step is to find charging stations to charge an electric car in Iceland. Luckily there are charging stations all over Iceland.

Both electric cars and plug-in hybrids (EV and PEV) are popular in Iceland. The infrastructure for charging electric cars in Iceland is good, with fast charging stations located all over the island. 

When renting an EV in Iceland it is best to map out where you intend to stop for EV charging on your trip. By adding charging stations to your Iceland travel schedule you will be sure not to run out of power on your trip. 

In the end this will save time, as you will not have to look for charging stations during your road trip or be stranded if the EV goes powerless. 

Running out of juice is the main concern when driving an EV. Especially when traveling on new and unknown roads in Iceland. By planning the EV charging for you increase the chances of a stress free vacation.

Whether your trip is simply going from Keflavik Airport to Reykjavik, see the Golden Circle or cruising along the South Coast. You can even drive the entire Ring Road on an EV by planning ahead. 

EV Rental car the better your Iceland trip will be.  4. Know how The EV rental operates

4. Know how The EV rental operates 

Knowing how your EV rental operates will greatly improve your Iceland road trip. Making you able to fully utilize the electric vehicle when traveling. Making your trip even more enjoyable. 

Zero Car offers several types of EV´s. Including Kia Niro EV, Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y. 

Like all our rental cars, the EV´s have different capabilities suitable for renter multiple needs. What our EV´s have in common is that they have all proven great for driving in Iceland and they all have a long range of 400 KM or more.

Our EV´s are equipped with type 2 fast charging cable and drivers can use all public charging stations. Tesla renters can also use Tesla Supercharger, fast charging stations in Iceland. 

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